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OBAGI system

What the Obagi System Does For You
With the Obagi Nu Derm system you can now effectively treat unsightly age spots, freckles and areas of dark pigmentation. The Obagi Nu Derm System also works to stimulate collagen production in your skin which in turn lessens the length and depth of skin wrinkles. The increased collagen will also result in tighter more flexible skin for a healthier more youthful looking you.

By using a bi-mineral complex Obagi Elastiderm you can also improve your skins elasticity by increasing your skins collagen content resulting in better looking skin in as little as just two weeks. Obagi Cleansiderm treats skin blemishes and pimples with benzoil peroxide which is the strongest over the counter acne fighting medicine that is currently available.

Because Obagi Cleansiderm uses a soluble form of benzoil peroxide it is able to penetrate into the skins pores and hair follicles to fight the acne at its source before it can begin to turn into pimples. This is what separates Obagi Cleansiderm from other skin care products that use a non soluble form of benzoil peroxide which can't penetrate the skin as easily.

How the Obagi System Works
With Obagi C-Rx and Obagi C skin care treatment products you can deliver soluble Vitamin C to your skin substructure where it can effectively work to prevent free radicals from negatively effecting healthy skin cells. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that has been clinically proven to increase skin health on a cellular level and allow the skin to heal itself more quickly and effectively.

Obagi skin care products have been clinically proven to be effective and the effects of their use is cumulative, which means the more that you use them, the more you will see results. As your skin ages it slowly loses the ability to rejuvenate itself properly and this is why it is so important to use a skin care treatment as you get older. Obagi System skin care products are now used by millions of people world wide to increase their skins health and make their skin more youthful looking.