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 Carboxytherapy is one of the best therapies for treating cellulite, flaccidity and localized fat deposits.

It consists of the subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide-CO2 through small infiltrations to the affected tissue, controlled by an indicator of total infiltrated gas.

The origin of this therapy is in the Thermal Waters Resort at Royat (France), when in the 1950s a group of cardiologists applied it to patients with a variety of disorders with a common denominator: blood circulation deficiency.

Cellulite has been defined as a vasculopathic dermopathology. It is a very complex process in which the localized microcirculatory disorder plays a key role in its pathophysiology. With the absence of correct drainage of the adipocytes, waste and impurities accumulate in liquid form at first and then take on a thick (gel-like) consistency. The presence of this gel with undrained toxic substances causes an irritation of the fibroblasts that respond by producing collagen, resulting in cicatricial bridges that pull up and strangle the vessels, making the metabolism of said tissue even more difficult and closing the vicious circle which results in the dreaded cellulite.

The subcutaneous injection of an appropriate amount of carbon dioxide causes instant vasodilatation in the area and an increase in the partial pressure of the oxygen, which maximizes tissue oxygenation and microcirculation, breaking the cycle generated by the cellulite. The CO2 favors the combustion of fat, mechanism that reduces the size of the adipocytes, added to the reduction in the volume of tissue. As a result, improvement in the skin is obtained, as well as the reduction of volume in the treated area and the relief of symptoms of cellulite such as heaviness and swelling.
This is a simple technique. It is carried out using a specially designed device that allows for control of the flow speed, time of injection and monitorisation of the administered dose. Using a very fine needle, smaller than that employed to apply insulin, various injections are applied that are immediately distributed to the adjacent tissue. The amount of CO2 injected in each carboxytherapy session is generally 500 to 800-1000 ml. It has no side effects although the patient may notice slight pain in the treated area, as well as light reddening which subsides after a few minutes. There may also be slight ecchymosis in the puncture point that will subside in a few days.

The procedure is completely safe for the organism, as it is evenly distributed throughout the tissue and is eliminated through the respiratory tract.

The ideal number of sessions is between 15 and 20, besides some exceptions which only require 10 sessions. The interval of time between sessions is one week.

In the short term, there is a notable improvement in skin quality, appearing smoother and suppler. Further into the treatment, an improvement in the cellulite and flaccidity is observed as well as a reduction in volume of the treated areas. Usually $100 for treatment.